10 reasons you need a natural latex luxury mattress
26 March 2019
3 min

1.      Great comfort

Latex is one of the best materials to make a mattress of. It almost feels like an infinite amount of springs support you. It doesn’t let you sink in, it recovers very quickly and it doesn’t sag. It greatly reduces the stress on the back, neck, and joints by equally distributing pressure. It is highly recommended by physiotherapists for its great spine alignment and other orthopaedic qualities.

2.      Cool sleep

A natural latex in an organic cotton and wool cover is extremely breathable and has great moisture wicking abilities. Sleeping hot is definitely not an issue.

3.      A great return on investment. Best materials are meant to last.

Latex mattresses last much longer than any other mattress made of other materials. The lifespan of a natural latex mattress is about 10-15 years+. It is well worth its price.

4.      Good for you – 7 zones

Latex mattresses that have a 7 zone system built in support different areas of your body exactly the way they should be. Stronger support where you need it most, particularly at the lower back and hips area and more gentle support at the shoulder area to always keep your spine in line.  

5.      Good for the environment

Natural latex and organic fabrics are sustainable and biodegradable. The natural latex mattress is an eco-conscious purchase.  

6.      Chemical free, no off gass

Natural, untreated and completely chemical free materials mean that the mattress doesn’t off gass and is very healthy to spend your nights on.

7.      Anti-allergy

Natural latex is dust mite resistant and do not attract bugs or mildew. The mattress is as hypoallergenic as a mattress can be.

If you choose Milam mattress:

8.      You can choose your comfort level individually– dual sided

If you choose the Milam mattress, it is dual sided, one side is slightly firmer and the other is slightly softer. Should you not like the side you currently sleep on, you can simply turn the mattress with the handles on the side. There is a partner cover option which means that we can put two mattress cores under the same cover. This way, you can remove your own mattress from the cover and turn it individually. There is never a gap between you and your partner since the cover presses the two mattress cores towards each other.

9.      The mattress is hand made in the UK

The mattress is handmade in the UK with great attention to detail and a lovely design.

10.   We provide a great service – white glove delivery with a free trial period and free return

We provide a white glove delivery service which means that your mattress will be delivered to the room of your choice, unpacked and put on the bedframe you choose. You can sleep on the mattress for 30 days before you decide to keep it or not. Should you not like it, for any reason, we will pick it up for free and refund the full amount of the purchase price.

Your journey towards naturally perfect sleep 

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