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We are a family run business. We both have a finance background and have been working for large corporations throughout our entire careers. We are based in Epsom, Surrey.

We both had stressful jobs and I struggled a lot with a nerve frequently getting trapped in my neck, which caused me a lot of pain. When you have a trapped nerve, almost every sleeping position is uncomfortable and any movement can cause sudden and extreme pain.

I was searching for a mattress that I could sleep on comfortably with my condition; I was looking for something that aligns the spine and neck properly. Having been struggling with allergies for almost my entire life, I also needed a mattress that was hypoallergenic. And last but not least, the mattress I was looking for had to be natural/green/eco-conscientious, as we are passionate about preserving our environment.

I have tried different mattresses and found that the traditional spring mattress felt like the springs are pushing on my painful spots. The memory foam I tried next felt like I was sinking into a hole, and I could not get out without some effort, which caused pain. Then, after doing a lot of research we thought we’d give a latex-coir mattress a try that we bought from abroad. It worked wonderfully. It simply felt like having a cloud to sleep on. Perfect support but no pressure points and no sinking-in, easy to move around, not too soft and not too firm, completely natural and hypoallergenic. Even after lying on it for two whole days, my body didn’t hurt at all.

After going through all this, we thought that we should make the perfect mattress from latex and coir and make it available in the UK. We realised, after some research, that there were not enough choices with regards to latex mattresses in the UK and that there should be more, and more practical choices as well. We thought that these lovely natural materials are not known enough and they should be. We thought that there was too much focus on spring mattresses, while there are much better materials from which you can make a far superior mattress.

After doing a lot of research, we developed the perfect mattress wrapped into a lovely design. We used a coir core layer, which acts like thousands of tiny springs sandwiched between many different layers of latex, to give you the perfect “firm but not too firm” and “soft but not too soft” sleeping surface.

This is how we invented the perfect mattress and we hope you will like it as much as we do. I have to say that it feels absolutely divine with the 300 thread count fitted sheet; it feels like you’re slipping into silk onto a gloriously luxurious sleeping surface.

We believe that the way forward is a way of eco-friendly, sustainable living where people buy fewer items but items that are more durable and last longer. We believe that these items do not have to compromise on quality or design. We sell amazingly well designed, completely natural, high end products that both feel and look great and are very functional.



Your journey towards naturally perfect sleep 

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