A natural, soft and easy to care for protector for your mattress. Hyper breathable and water-resistant for the ultimate mattress protection.
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Superior attributes

  • Fresh and Hygienic
    • The protector is resistant to moisture and dirt, which keeps your mattress fresh and clean. 

  • Breathable
    • The protector is crafted from natural, breathable materials,  which is the perfect partner to your mattress and promotes excellent sleep.

  • Water-resistant
    • Containing a Neotherm® layer, the mattress protector acts as a barrier from moisture and wetness to keep your Milam mattress pristine.

  • Fitted
    • The protector comes in a variety of sizes, so that it will fit your mattress perfectly. It works like a fitted sheet without changing the feel and comfort of your Milam mattress.

What is inside?

  • Organic cotton
    • Like with all our products, the protector is made from natural materials to promote a healthy, happy night’s sleep. The top layer is constructed from an organic blended cotton, it’s breathable and comfortable. The ratio of organic cotton and polyurethane is 85/15% to be as organic as possible.

  • Neotherm® 
    • Neotherm® membrane is a durable layer that has the water-resistant feature, keeping your mattress protected for longer. This base layer also  prevents dust mites from reaching your mattress.

Protector care

  • Washing
    • All of our protectors are washable at 95°C, when washed with whites, and 40°C when washed with other colours.

  • Drying
    • To dry your protector, either lay it out in a well ventilated area or tumble dry on a low heat setting.

Our protector is 85% organic cotton and 15% polyurethane. We needed to add 15% non-natural material to make the protector water-resistant.
Our protector is as sustainable as possible for a water-resistant product. Being made from 85% cotton, it is more sustainable than similar products.
The materials in our protector are almost completely biodegradable. The natural cotton is biodegradable with only a small amount of polyurethane.
EU made
EU made
Our protector is lovingly made in the EU. This also applies to our bed sheets.
Free delivery
Free delivery
Free delivery means that your delivery is always free. No additional charges or hidden fees. Delivery normally takes 10-15 working days. You can read our full Terms & Conditions of Purchase here.


  • What is the protector made of?

    The protector is made from 85% organic cotton and 15% Neotherm®. Neotherm® is what provides your protector with a protective and durable, but breathable, membrane. This material is breathable because it uses a thinner than usual polyurethane without compromising on protection.

  • Is the protector breathable?

    Yes, our organic cotton protector with the Neotherm® layer is breathable and will prevent overheating you while you sleep.

  • Do you recommend to use a protector?

    When you invest in a good mattress, it makes sense to protect it from spillage and accidents as much as you can, so that you can enjoy it for longer. Yes, we do recommend to use a protector.

  • Will the protector change the feel of my mattress?

    Not at all. The protector is very thin, it doesn't change the feel of the mattress at all.

Our products are beautifully crafted from the best materials. If you have any questions about them, you can call us on 07599722422 or read our FAQs here.

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