All natural, certified materials, ethically and sustainably sourced, for a naturally perfect night’s sleep.
100% natural Talalay latex and GOLS certified organic  Dunlop latex
100% natural Talalay latex and GOLS certified organic Dunlop latex

Our Dunlop latex is natural and organic with GOLS certification. This means that the latex used is above 95% raw, natural material. We have added a minimal amount of graphite to the very top layer of our Original Mattress to act as natural fire barrier, eliminating the need for chemical fire retardants.


The Talalay latex we use in our Premium Mattress is 100% natural with a slight amount graphite added to act a natural fire retardant. 


Latex is a natural milky white substance extracted from the Hevea-Brasilienis tree, better known as the rubber tree. The method of extraction involves carving a small piece of the bark away to tap the tree, this allows the natural latex liquid to flow from the cut into collection containers. Rubber trees are grown for several years before they can yield latex but when they do they can be used for up to twenty years. The cuts in the tree have to be periodically changed to maximize yield. After the latex is collected from the rubber trees, excess water is removed, thickening the liquid, and then it is shipped to factories for use.


Both latex types are great with Talalay being slightly more consistent and luxurious that Dunlop. 


You can read about the GOLS certificate here.

100% Natural coir
100% Natural coir

We only use 100% natural coir in our mattresses. Our palm coir (coconut fibre) is woven from coconut husks, the fibres of which are processed over time with water as the only solvent. The fibres can then be woven into a rope which is flattened into layers and coated with latex to create a water-repelling, germ-resistant mattress base that regains its shape after being compressed.

This rubberized palm coir offers natural flexibility and consistent support for the body; replacing any need for springs and providing a durable, breathable and temperature regulating core.

GOTS certified organic merino wool
GOTS certified organic merino wool

The pure, 100% organic merino wool that we use for the quilted mattress cover is purchased with a GOTS certificate. The quilted layer provides softness, comfort and breathability on the surface of the mattress. Combining with our organic cotton, the wool works to breathe and keep you cool while you get the rest you need.

By law, all mattresses must have a flame-retardant layer and this is usually achieved using potentially toxic chemicals. Our pure, 100% merino organic wool acts as a natural and effective flame retardant while enhancing breathability and wicking away moisture for a cooler, drier sleep.

You can read about the GOTS certificate here.

GOTS certified organic cotton
GOTS certified organic cotton

Nearly all of our products use 100% certified organic cotton purchased with a GOTS certificate, meaning they are sustainably produced, chemical free, and wonderfully breathable.

Traditional cotton production has a devastating environmental impact, involving the usage of a lot of chemicals. This is why we consider it so important to make sure our cotton is organic and GOTS certified. Organic cotton is healthy, breathable, and supremely comfortable.

Our cotton is soft to the touch, durable and the perfect accompaniment to your sleep.

You can read about the GOTS certificate here.

100% Alpaca wool
100% Alpaca wool

Our alpaca wool is ethical, green, sustainable and biodegradable. Alpaca fleeces have naturally evolved to regulate temperature, while remaining breathable and this makes them perfect for natural bedding.

The happier the alpaca, the better the fleece for superior sleep. We take that to heart; and that’s why our alpaca wool comes from UK farms where alpacas are given a high-nutrition diet, well-cared for, not harmed in the shearing process and never used for meat. It makes the filling we use in our duvets and pillows the most organic alpaca bedding filling available.

Due to the hollow nature of alpaca fibres and the microscopic pockets, the filling is excellent at regulating temperature, remaining breathable throughout your night’s sleep.

Toxin free materials

flame retardants
No volatile organic
compounds (VOC)
No mercury
lead or heavy metals
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