Bed sheets

When you experience the incredibly luxurious quality of our organic Egyptian cotton bed sheets, you will feel like you are staying in the very best hotel.
Bed sheets
Each set contains a fitted sheet, a matching size duvet cover or two single duvet covers and pillow cases.
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In a set you save 5%
You can purchase the fitted sheet, the duvet cover and the pillow case separatley as well.
  • Pillow case
  • Fitted sheet
  • Duvet cover

Just bed sheets

The perfect bed sheet set including pillow cases, fitted sheet and duvet covers. Made from certified organic cotton with a 300 thread count, it’s soft and breathable for the ideal sleep.

  • Pillow cases
  • Fitted sheet
  • Duvet cover (two, if you prefer one each)

Perfect combination

  • 300 thread count organic Egyptian cotton
    • Our bed linen is made from the finest luxury Egyptian cotton with a thread count of 300; making it a percale weave cotton. It’s soft to the touch, light to lay beneath and easy to iron. Exceptional quality sheets for an exceptional sleeping experience. As 180 thread count is considered to be excellent quality, our 300 thread count sheets are, therefore, extremely high quality indeed.

  • Long staple length
    • All of our bed sheets are made from long staple length cotton, meaning that they use long cotton fibres. Long fibres are softer and more durable, making a better quality final product. Cotton fibres come in three lengths, short, long and extra-long staple. Long staple is considered to be very high quality and this is what we use in our sheets.

  • A perfect combination of the above two points
    • Our long staple cotton and percale finish means that our sheets are the perfect combination of luxurious and affordable. They are hotel quality and they’re easy to care for; both being machine washable and tumble dryer compatible.


How to care for my bed sheets


  • Washing
    • Machine wash your sheets at 40 degrees centigrade; please do not mix wash with other fibres like polycotton. This will keep your sheets feeling wonderfully luxurious for longer.

  • Drying
    • Tumble dry your sheets with a cooling down period. Take out of the dryer shortly after the cycle is completed, fold, lay flat and iron whilst fabric is still damp. You may also hang the bed linen to drip dry, this will result in minimum creasing.

Our sheets are made from natural, organic cotton and are not treated with chemicals, making them hypoallergenic and comfortable for you.
Our natural, chemical-free organic cotton is sourced responsibly and ethically and this means that all of our sheets are sustainable.
All the cotton used in our sheets is completely natural and chemical free, making them biodegradable for a low impact on the environment.
EU made
EU made
All of our beautiful bed sheets are made in the EU with superior organic materials, for your comfort.
Free delivery
Free delivery
Free delivery means that your delivery is always free. No additional charges or hidden fees. Delivery normally takes 10-15 working days. You can read our full Terms & Conditions of Purchase here.


  • What are the sheets made of?

    Our beautiful bed sheets are made of 100% organic GOTS certified Egyptian cotton with a 300 thread count percale weave.

  • Are they breathable?

    Yes, 100% cotton is always breathable. This is why you need to check the material of the sheets you are buying.

  • Do they come in other colours?

    No, we only sell organic cotton in its natural colour.

  • What is Egyptian cotton?

    Egyptian cotton is known all over the world for being the finest in the world, and for very good reason. Grown, cultivated and picked at the Nile River Valley, your comfort is in the very best hands.

  • What is percale weave?

    If your fabric has a thread count of over 180, it is considered to be percale. Percale is a type of extremely even thread weaving that means that the fabric allows optimal air circulation, whilst being durable. Percale sheets are incredibly crisp, with a beautifully matte look and feel, and very cool and comfortable against your skin. Milam bed sheets are considered to be percale.

Our products are beautifully crafted from the best materials. If you have any questions about them, you can call us on 07599722422 or read our FAQs here.

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