Alpaca Wool Pillow

Rest your head on our naturally supportive alpaca pillows. Hypoallergenic, breathable alpaca filling in a soft, organic cotton cover.
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Alpaca Wool Pillow

Superior attributes

  • Quality comfort
    • Spine and head position when sleeping is important for your overall health and comfort. Our alpaca pillows help to promote a naturally perfect night’s sleep.

  • Naturally hypoallergenic
    • Alpaca is naturally dust mite and mould resistant and is perfect for allergy sufferers. Alpaca doesn't contain lanolin, so even those who are sensitive to wool can use it.

  • Water repellent
    • Alpaca fleece doesn't absorb moisture like other wools tend to. This gives you protection against humidity and helps you sleep well.

  • Hygienic
    • A natural, organic environment that promotes health and does not retain odour. Our alpaca pillow is excellent at staying clean and will only need airing once in a while. Perfectly low-maintenance.

Comfortable support

  • Medium firmness
    • Our pillow’s alpaca filling is constructed for medium firmness; making it comfortable for all sleeping positions. This means that, whether you’re a 'straight on your back' or 'curled up in a ball' kind of sleeper, you will get the head and neck support you need for a comfortable and restful night’s sleep.

  • Breathability
    • That, coupled with the pillow’s natural breathability and wicking attributes, means you’ll wake up feeling supported and refreshed.

Perfect choice

  • Soft, breathable, 220 thread count, 100% organic cotton cover
    • Thread count means the number of threads that are vertically and horizontally woven into one square inch of fabric. Having a 220 thread count means your pillows will be soft to the touch and durable.

  • Size
    • Normal: 50cm x 75cm

Our alpaca pillows are completely chemical free. They are naturally fire retardant and bug and bacteria resistant, unlike other, man-made bedding.
We use organic cotton casings for our pillows and only the best fleece from well-cared for alpacas from about 400 farms across the UK. This makes our pillows organic and naturally pure.
All materials used within our pillows are completely biodegradable. Alpaca wool is naturally biodegradable, as is our natural cotton, for eco-friendly comfort.
Made in the UK
Made in the UK
Our pillow is manufactured in the UK using only the best alpaca wool sourced from UK farms.
Free delivery
Free delivery
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  • What is the duvet and the pillow made of?

    The duvet and pillow are both made from alpaca wool. Alpaca wool is naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, as well as naturally keeping its temperature well and resisting moisture. It’s a completely natural product and no chemicals are added to it. Alpaca wool is fire retardant, natural, sustainable and biodegradable.

  • Is alpaca wool better than sheep wool for duvets and pillows?

    Yes, it is considered to be superior and here is why:

    1. Alpaca wool has greater temperature regulating qualities than sheep wool. It will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

    2. Alpaca wool is naturally hypoallergenic, without the lanolin found in sheep’s fleece. Considered a 'dry' fibre, it is untreated and, therefore, better if you have sensitive skin. When manufacturers remove the lanolin from sheep’s fur, it is treated with several chemicals to clean it and render it suitable for use. Alpaca wool does not need this treatment and is naturally hypoallergenic as a result.

    3. It’s pretty much water-resistant. The alpaca wool will wick the moisture away until it evaporates naturally.

    4. It’s much softer.

    5. It’s a lot stronger and more durable.

  • How does alpaca wool compare to down/feather pillow and duvets?

    1. Alpaca wool, down and feathers all keep you warm, which is what they have in common, and this is fantastic when you first drift off to sleep. All snuggly and comfortable, all night long. Except that with down and feathers, you don’t get the level of temperature regulation you would get with alpaca wool. Alpaca wool insulates you from the cold but lets enough air in to keep you cool and comfortable, for a better night of sleep. Alpacas live at high altitudes and they endure the coldest winters and the hottest summers imaginable. Their fur is perfectly evolved to resist this and this makes it perfect for you.

    2. Down keeps you warm but you might get, and stay, a little too warm because it cannot regulate temperature like alpaca wool can.

    3. Alpaca wool is resistant to dust mites, whereas down and feathers attract dust and dirt.

    4. Down is comprised of small feathers and often mixed with larger feathers in pillows and duvets; however, it doesn't stay even and you’ll eventually find holes and gaps in your duvet, where the feathers have settled unevenly.

    5. Lastly, down and feathers are likely to come from factory farmed birds while no such thing exists with regards to alpacas. Also, alpacas are never kept for their meet.

  • What is the benefit of using a natural filling over a synthetic one?

    Natural is always best. Synthetic fibres do not have the naturally hypoallergenic, water-resistant and sustainable qualities that alpaca wool does. Alpacas have evolved to be able to live comfortably on mountain ranges and, therefore, their fleece is second to none in terms of its superiority, insulative qualities, breathability and overall feel and performance.

Our products are beautifully crafted from the best materials. If you have any questions about them, you can call us on 07599722422 or read our FAQs here.

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