5 reasons alpaca wool is better than sheep wool
8 April 2019
3 min

1. Alpaca wool has greater temperature regulating qualities than sheep wool. This is due to the fact that alpacas live at much higher altitudes than sheep and need to adapt to larger temperature swings (i.e extremely hot summer and extremely cold winter). As a result, you only need a very thin and light duvet for both winter and summer.

2. Alpaca wool does not contain lanolin, unlike sheep wool. Considered a 'dry' fibre, it is untreated and, therefore, better if you have sensitive skin. When manufacturers remove the lanolin from sheep’s fur, it is treated with several chemicals to clean it and render it suitable for use. Alpaca wool does not need this treatment and is naturally hypoallergenic as a result.

3. It’s water-repellent. The alpaca wool will wick the moisture away until it evaporates naturally thanks to the hollow fibres.

4. It’s much softer.

5. It’s a lot stronger and more durable.


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