5 things you didn’t know about alpacas
10 October 2019
3 min

Alpacas are very sociable, gentle and curious animals. Here are five things you most likely didn't know about them:

1. There are two breeds, the huacaya with fluffy hair like a teddy bear and the suri that has wavy hair hanging off its body.

2. They spit like llamas do when they argue over something. Usually they don’t spit onto humans but it happens sometimes if they are handles incorrectly.

3. They snip off the top of the grass when eating instead of pulling it up by the root (alpacas have a great lawnmover reputation).

4. Alpacas love the high life - they like grazing at an altitude of 9840 to 15,750 feet above sea level. They endure extremely cold winters and extremely hot summer and this is why their wool can regulate temperature in such a wide range.

5. Alpacas have fire and water resistant fleece which makes their wool highly valuable for knitters and bedding manufacturers.

Plus one: They are great pets.

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