10 properties a hotel mattress should have
29 December 2019
3 min

In order for your guests to relax, they need a wonderful bed to sleep in. The mattress is one of the most important things in a hotel room. We have gathered 10 properties that are worth having in a hotel mattress:


1. Medium firmness: The mattress should be of medium firmness and super comfortable. This is how it will appeal to most guests. Most hotels achieve this by combining innerspring and memory foam. Latex is also a good option as it feels like infinite amount of springs and it also has a little sinking in feeling like memory foam.

2. An orthopedic core support: Good to have a therapeutic core support. It adds to the comfort level. 

3. Small or no motion transfer: This is needed so that guests do not feel their partner's movements.

4. Breathable: It should be breathable so that guests sleep cool and there is no overheating. A dry environment also prevents dust mites settling in.  

5. Hypoallergenic, dust mite free: It speaks for itself.

6. Handles: This is for easy carrying around between rooms.

7. Zip and link: This means that single mattress have zip on the cover so you can zip two singles together to have a super king. Very practical.

8. Removable cover: This is important for easy cleaning. It also means you can purchase new covers instead of buying new mattresses.

9. Durable: It saves you money, time and effort as it means that you need to replace them less often. It also reduces carbon footprint and waste. 

10.  Eco-friendly: Go for the eco-friendly options if possible to reduce waste and carbon footprint. Guests are also more and more eco-conscious, you may be able to market your rooms with an eco friendly theme. 


Please give us a call to talk about Milam mattress for your hotel. Our mattress is customisable for your needs, we can make any size, shape or form. We can make a less expensive or a more expensive version for you, depending on your needs:)


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