Partnership opportunity for Hotels and Airbnbs – earn additional money on your property
13 August 2019
3 min

If you own or manage a hotel or let out your apartment on a short term basis, you may wish to consider entering into a mutually beneficial partnership with us.

Essentially, it works such that we provide you with Milam products at a deep discount that you can use in your property. We also give you our brochure that explains Milam to your guests. Every time your guests purchase from us, we pay you a commission.

As simple as that.

Items included in the scheme:

  • Milam mattress: A premium category, 100% natural latex mattress. Double sided (softer and firmer) so your guests can choose a side. Super comfortable,  hypoallergenic, very breathable in a washable organic cotton and wool cover.

  • Milam alpaca wool duvets and pillows: Alpaca wool is a high quality filling material used for duvets and pillows. Due to its natural temperature regulating abilities you only need a very light duvet for both winter and summer. One duvet, you don’t need to buy one for winter and one for summer. Hypoallergenic, water repellent and breathable. All in an organic cotton casing.

  • Milam bed linen: 300 thread count Egyptian organic cotton GOTS certified bed linen. Sheet, duvet cover, pillow cover. All washable at 60°C.

  • Milam mattress protector: A water repellent but light protector for your mattress.

It is a win-win, since the you get really good quality items for a good price and on top that you make additional money on your property without any extra work. We get to showcase Milam to more potential customers.

As simple as that. We do ship to Europe!

Please get in touch for more details :)

phone: +44 (0)20 3488 4106

If you are in Europe dial: +44 20 3488 4106

In the UK dial: 020 3488 4106

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