What kind of mattress do 5 star hotels use?
19 February 2020
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Whether on business or holiday, hotel guests want to relax and have a great night sleep. One of the things they most likely remember from a hotel is if they slept comfortably. For this reason 4 and 5 star hotels put emphasis on their beds which are normally very comfortable without a doubt. They even sell their mattresses online. What kind of mattresses do these hotels use?

Innerspring mattress

Innerspring mattresses are used by a large number of hotels worldwide. High-end hotels are more likely to use a pocket spring mattress with a large number of individually wrapped coils.

Example: Marriott Hotels and Resorts has two options to choose from: one is high density foam with springs, the other one is springs with polyester.  They sell their mattresses here: https://europe.shopmarriott.com/en/?___store=mareu_en

Memory foam mattress

Memory foam is for guests who like the sinking in feeling or in general a softer mattress. As memory foam may be too soft, it is normally used together with another material. Very often hotels put a memory foam top layer on an innerspring mattress.

Example: Fairmont Hotels and Resorts use cooling gel memory foam with a plush pillow top. They sell their mattresses here: https://us.fairmontstore.com/collections/our-bed

Hybrid mattress

Hotels can combine inner springs with foam, memory foam, latex and other different materials.

Example:  The Four Seasons use a ventilating foam core combined with independent pocket springs for the perfect sleep. Guest can even choose their mattress topper: medium, soft or firm. They sell their mattresses here: https://shop.fourseasons.com/collections/mattress

Latex mattress

Latex can be all natural, synthetic or blended (blend of natural and synthetic). An all natural latex mattress most likely fits most of the customers since it combines the qualities of innerspring and memory foam. It is even more supportive and pressure relieving than an innerspring mattress and you still get some of the sinking in feeling as with memory foam. It is naturally hypoallergenic and fits for people with allergies. It is also the most durable out of all mattress materials. Latex is also biodegradable and sustainable.

Example: Ace Hotel has a mattress made of 100% natural latex with a cotton cover quilted with wool. They sell their mattresses here: https://www.suitesleep.com/ace-hotel-natural-latex-mattress/

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