10 resons why a latex mattress is better than a memory foam mattress
17 May 2019
3 min

Both types of mattresses excel at comfort, and each has their own set of pros and cons, but we think that latex comes out as the better option. Here is why:

  1. Very comfortable. With a latex mattress you can feel sinking into it a little but also feeling incredibly supported. With memory foam you will feel you can sink in nicely but can also feel that you have sunk too far.

  2. Perfect spine alignment. Latex mattresses offer perfect spine alignment. This is due to the fact that latex provides an equal weight distribution as if you had infinite amount of springs in your mattress.

  3. Completely natural. A latex mattress can be made from GOLS certified latex, meaning that the natural content of the latex is 95%+.

  4. Hypoallergenic. Latex is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to mould and dust mites. Memory foam can be treated to be hypoallergenic.

  5. Breathable. Latex has an open cell structure which helps the mattress breathe and keeps you cool. It also has pin holes in it, to make it even more breathable. Memory foam can feel hot and do not regulate their temperature as well.

  6. Easy to move around. Is is very easy to change position on a latex mattress while you sink into memory foam. Memory foam is slower to adjust to the new image of your body when you roll over.

  7. Never any off gassing. Since a natural latex mattress does not contain any chemicals, there is never any off gassing. Memory foam mattresses need to be treated with chemicals in order to pass the necessary ignitability tests.

  8. Durable. Latex is one of the most durable materials on the mattress market. Memory foam does not last as long and eventually it stops bouncing back when you change position.

  9. Sustainable. Natural latex is produced from the sap of the rubber tree. It is sustainable and green. Memory foam is made of  polyurethane, a synthetic material.

  10. Biodegradable. Natural latex is completely biodegradable while polyurethane (the material memory foam is made of) products do not decompose on landfills.



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