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1 August 2021
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Can a mattress last 20 years?


A good mattress is crucial when it comes to your health. Quality sleep is just as important as exercising and eating healthy food. And a good mattress is the number one factor that contributes to a good night's sleep. We know that their prices vary widely, but how long do they last? Can a mattress last 20 years?


Mattresses may have a long lifespan. But the exact number depends on the mattress type, the materials used in it, the quality of its parts, and how much wear and tear it goes through over the years. So, let's see how many years mattresses last and what you can do to extend their lifespan.


How many years can a mattress last?


Mattresses are one of the most important investments. We spend at least a third of our lives in bed. And also we do not intend to buy them for one or two years. But how many years can a mattress last?


Most mattresses last 7-10 years. The longevity depends on many factors that we will discuss further down in this article. However, when it comes to the lifespan of your mattress, the material is a crucial factor.


It’s very important to pick a material that is durable. It will enhance the quality of your sleep and premium mattresses are usually hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. Remember that if you choose a mattress that you find comfortable, it is highly unlikely that you will want to change it before its lifespan comes to an end. So let’s go through the most popular mattress materials and examine how long they usually last.


Innerspring mattresses – 5-8 years


An innerspring, also known as a spring coil mattress, is made up of many metal coils surrounded by foam. The coils give bounciness to the mattress, while the foam ensures comfort. The number of coils can affect comfort and support.


Innerspring mattresses are favoured by many people, mostly because it is a low-cost solution. However, in general, innerspring mattresses have the shortest lifespan. Of course, the lifespan may be longer if the quality of the mattress and the spring construction are better. But in that case,  prices will also increase.


The coils of innerspring mattresses start to loosen over time, especially under heavy weight. As a result,  the elasticity is gone and it will sag. Springs, which are exposed to most pressure wear out first so the mattress will not be able to support the most important pressure points of your body – namely your shoulders, your lower back, and hips. Compared to other foams, innerspring mattresses are more prone to damage caused by weight.


Your mattress will break down slowly but surely.


Innerspring mattresses should be replaced after 5-8 years.


Memory foam – 10 years


Memory foam mattresses are very comfortable. Memory foam mainly consists of polyurethane. The material allows the foam to adjust to the shape of the body. This makes the mattress almost pressure-free, providing optimum comfort by cradling the body, unlike any other kind of mattress. Also, it absorbs motion, therefore it is ideal for those who sleep with a partner.


A quality memory foam mattress tends to last longer than innerspring mattresses. Its lifespan is about 10 years, in case they are properly maintained, of course.


Waterbed – 5-10 years


In the case of waterbeds, the vinyl top is reasonably durable. Waterbeds may ease pain and pressure but they do not absorb motion and usually cause disturbances to your partner.


They are extremely vulnerable to accidental punctures and tears. The average waterbed lasts anywhere between 5-10 years.



Latex – 12-15 years


Latex mattresses are famous for their durability. This type of foam is very resilient. They outlast other types of mattresses by 3-7 years.  


There are different latex mattresses: synthetic, blended, or natural latex. If you want to get the best mattress that lasts the longest, go for a 100% natural latex mattress. Natural latex mattresses are the highest quality foams. They are entirely organic and produced from durable materials. 


Usually, natural latex mattresses have a longer lifespan than other mattress styles.


The natural latex mattress is constructed in a way that is unlikely to retain any moisture. As a result, there’s little to no chance of mould. Also, an organic latex mattress is naturally resistant to dust mites.


They can last as long as 15 years.


If you want to purchase an eco-friendly product, a natural latex mattress is the best decision. Since they outlast other mattresses, you will decrease your carbon footprint – you do not have to buy newly manufactured products too often.


Your mattress is going to be organic, biodegradable, as well as long-lasting.




Can a mattress last 20 years?


It is possible for a mattress to last for 20 years but only in very rare cases. Also, it requires great care. Its longevity is determined by many factors, such as weight, how often it is used, if it’s maintained with care, and cleaned regularly.


Some mattresses, such as high-quality memory foam and latex mattresses may last up to 20 years, but only with regular care.


For how many years should you keep a mattress?


There is no one-size-fits-all solution here.


High-quality mattresses can be quite expensive. As a result, people usually try to keep them as long as possible. The average lifespan is 10 years but in the case of quality mattresses (like natural latex), this lifespan is much longer. However, you should replace it when your mattress doesn’t provide the support and undisturbed, quality sleep anymore.


There are many factors to consider before deciding whether or not you should replace your mattress:


  • You notice that it’s making more noise than usual

  • You notice sagging

  • You wake up with back or joint pain, soreness

  • It harms  your sleep

  • You’re experiencing allergy-like symptoms

  • You do not find your bed as comfortable as it was at the beginning

  • You wake up many times during the night

  • Your mattress is damaged


Remember, the number factor is your overall health and sleep quality.



How to prolong the life of your mattress?


Proper care and maintenance can help you extend the lifespan of your mattress. Mattresses are long-term investments, and we expect them to serve our comfort for many years. The lack of maintenance can easily result in a shorter lifespan. But there are some ways that will help you prolong the life of your mattress.


Use proper support


Make sure to have a good quality bed base with sufficient center and corner support.


Use a mattress protector


You should use a mattress protector from the very beginning. It will contribute to the longer lifespan of your mattress.


By using a mattress protector you can protect your foam from damages, cosmetics, sweat, food, spills, and other stains.


Keep your mattress clean


If you want your mattress to last longer, you need to maintain it with special care. It’s important to avoid eating in bed and spilling drinks on the mattress. The sheets should also be changed every couple of days.


Wash bed linens often


Remember that when you sleep, you shed skin cells, sweat, and oils from different cosmetics can also get into your linens – and over time into your mattress layers. Thus we can create a cosy nest for bacteria. That’s why it’s so important to wash your bed linens regularly – according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Avoid jumping on the bed


It might be a fun activity but you or the kids need to avoid jumping on the bed. Any kind of mattress will break easily if you are too hard on it.


Flip your mattress regularly


Every mattress can benefit from being flipped – you can prevent your bed from starting sagging too early.


So, can a mattress last 20 years? In some cases, yes but only if you choose very high-quality mattresses and you treat them with great care. If it’s time for an upgrade now, you may check our 100% organic latex mattresses which are designed with great care for your comfort. If you need any help, you may contact us here.




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