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26 March 2019
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Latex mattress benefits: 10 reasons to choose a natural latex luxury mattress

Latex mattresses are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. As a result, we often get asked about latex mattress benefits.

Though latex has been used as a mattress material for decades, it's not a household name yet. So, we would like to give you a little bit of an overview of all the advantages of a natural latex mattress.

Are all the latex mattresses the same?

This is a very important question, and the answer is no.

There are three types of latex mattresses: synthetic, blended, and natural.

Synthetic latex contains chemicals and cannot mimic all the unique qualities of natural latex. Blended latex is a combination of natural and synthetic latex.

Natural latex mattresses are the highest quality foams. They are entirely organic and produced from durable materials. At Milam Mattress we only provide the highest quality, 100% pure organic latex mattresses. In this article, we will also focus on the benefits of natural latex mattresses.

(If you are looking for your next mattress, always search for labels proving that you will buy 100% natural latex.)

Benefits of a latex mattress

Here are the most important benefits of latex mattresses customers tend to report on after having purchased one.


1. Great comfort

For most people, comfort is the key quality in a new mattress. You spend at least one-third of your time in bed so having a good mattress that is comfortable and supports your body is essential.

Latex is one of the best materials to make a mattress of. It feels as tens of thousands of springs support you. While the latex layers provide softness, you will feel flexible support.

In contrast with memory foam mattresses, latex will not sink below the weight of sleepers. It recovers very quickly, it doesn’t sag. One of the great benefits of natural latex mattresses is that they are responsive and contour your body.

It effectively reduces the stress on your back, neck, and joints by equally distributing pressure. No wonder that natural latex mattresses are highly recommended by physiotherapists for their great spine alignment and other orthopaedic qualities.

Natural latex mattresses have been praised for back pain relief and pressure point relief. You can experience comfort and support all night long.

And just one more thing. When it comes to comfort, we all know how annoying it can be when motion is transferred from one side to the other, so your or your partner’s sleep may easily be disturbed by some tossing or turning. However, due to its unique elasticity, natural latex will absorb any impact. So comfort and a good night’s sleep are guaranteed for everybody.


2. Cool sleep

Another important benefit of a natural latex mattress is its open-cell structure which will allow air to flow between its layers. As a result, its temperature is regulated.

The latex mattress will not insulate heat – your sleeping environment will remain neutral. You can stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

A cooler, comfortable sleep is guaranteed.

Here, at Milam Mattress, we also use 100% organic cotton and merino wool materials to cover our mattresses for your maximum comfort.


3. A great return on investment. Natural latex is highly durable and long-lasting

Best materials are meant to last, right?

Latex mattresses are highly durable and resilient. They will last much longer than any other mattress made of different materials. This is partly due to its resilience – the foam returns to its original shape after any compression.

Though they are more expensive than memory foam mattresses, the durability and benefits of natural latex mattresses outweigh their high price, which is a one-time expenditure. In the long term, it’s a budget-friendly solution.

The lifespan of a natural latex mattress is about 10-20 years. It means that they outlast other types of mattresses by 3-7 years. It is well worth its price.


4. Good for you – conforming to the seven comfort zones of your body.

The best quality latex mattresses have a seven-zone system built in to support different areas of your body.

What does this mean exactly? The different parts of your body need differing levels of support. You need more support at the lower back and hip area while your shoulders require more gentle support.

This will keep your spine properly aligned.

Here you may check our original and premium mattresses. They were designed with seven comfort zones for your unique support.


5. Good for the environment

If you want an eco-friendly product, a natural latex mattress is the best option.

As they outlast other mattresses, you will lessen your carbon footprint because you do not have to buy newly manufactured products regularly. Less consumption is a giant leap towards sustainability.

It is organic, biodegradable, and a long-lasting product for your home and environment.


6. Chemical free, no off gass

Synthetic mattresses usually have a distinctive chemical smell for a while. These are caused by petrochemicals that are used during the manufacturing process. This is what we call off-gassing.

A great benefit of natural latex mattresses is that they are 100% organic, and they don’t off-gas as other, synthetic mattresses do. They are very healthy to spend your nights on.


7. Hypoallergenic mattresses

For most people latex is safe to sleep on.

It is completely natural, antifungal, antibacterial, mildew resistant, and, unlike traditional mattresses, resistant to dust mites.

In a natural latex mattress, there are fewer places for dust to settle. If you are allergic, you will experience less irritation. And you can just enjoy your comfortable night of sleep.

If you choose Milam mattress, you can experience further benefits of natural latex mattresses:


8. You can choose your comfort level individually with our two-sided mattresses

If you choose Milam Mattress, you will receive a dual-sided natural latex mattress. One side of the foam is slightly firmer and the other is slightly softer. Should you not like the side you currently sleep on, you can simply turn the mattress with the handles on the side.

There is a partner cover option which means that we can put two mattress cores under the same cover. This way, you can remove your mattress from the cover and turn it individually.

There will be no gap between the two because the cover presses the two mattress cores towards each other.

With this option, we would like to give you and your partner the comfort and support that you both deserve.


9. Milam mattresses are handmade in the UK

Our mattresses are handmade in the UK with great attention to detail and a lovely design.

We know exactly that when it comes to your health and sleeping environment, you deserve the best. You will get a mattress that is completely natural and crafted with sustainable methods.


10. White glove delivery with a free trial period and free return

We provide white glove delivery service which means that your mattress will be delivered to the room of your choice, unpacked, and put on the bed frame you choose.

You may sleep on the mattress for 30 days before you decide to keep it or not. If you do not like it, for any reason, we will pick it up for free and refund the full amount of the purchase price. No questions asked.

Although more expensive, natural latex mattresses are unique when it comes to quality and health. They are eco-friendly mattresses that will last longer than traditional ones. They are naturally elastic and resilient. The benefits of a latex mattress are associated with enhanced sleep health and sustainable living. If you are looking for comfort and natural materials, a natural latex mattress is what you want to go for.





**Please note that this article is for informational purposes only and should not replace any advice from your doctor or other medical professionals.

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