The benefits of sleeping on a latex mattress
13 November 2020
3 min

A mattress that is completely organic, comfortable, breathable, hygienic, chemical free, resistant to mould and dust mites, highly durable and also eco-friendly… You probably thought that a mattress like this could only exist in your wildest dreams. But what if I told you that a natural latex mattress can guarantee this luxury? Let’s have a closer look why sleeping on a latex mattress is the perfect choice for you and your family.



Owing to its natural foamy texture this type of mattress ensures comfort all throughout the night. It is able to adjust to the body’s shape, providing better quality sleep. It also helps to relieve joint and back pain thanks to its cushioning attributes paired with its capability to promote natural spine alignment. Many health professionals recommend using a latex mattress.



A latex mattress allows air to circulate freely because of the open-cell structure of the foam. This quality enhances blood flow and circulation in the body. The mattress is constructed with added pinholes which help to enhance the breathability. These properties aid in regulating the body’s temperature so in the summer you won’t feel too hot and during winter time you won’t feel too cold.

If you would like to further increase the breathability of your bedding, try our duvets with natural alpaca wool.



As the previous point highlighted, the mattress is constructed in a way that it is unlikely to retain any moisture meaning that there’s little to no chance of mould. Also, an organic latex mattress is naturally resistant to dust mites. Dust mites and mould can cause allergic reactions, consequently latex mattresses are the perfect choice if you do not want to risk the chance of suffering from an allergy.



Another advantage of an organic latex mattress is that it is completely chemical free. Latex is a natural product retrieved from the sap of the rubber tree. (More information: The production of a latex mattress does not involve using any harmful substances. Many other types of mattresses contain harmful chemicals in order to resist mould and dust mites but clearly, sleeping on a toxic material is not at all good for your health.



Last but not least, you can rest peacefully on a natural latex mattress knowing that it is the best option to go with when considering the environment. As mentioned above, latex is a natural material made without the addition of toxins. Apart from that, the production of a latex mattress is highly sustainable since the manufacturing process does not require the rubber trees to be cut down. Our latex is natural and organic with GOLS certification. Also this kind of mattress is extremely durable with a lifetime of up to 25 years. 



Your journey towards naturally perfect sleep 

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