The right bed base for a latex mattress
24 November 2020
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Once you have successfully selected the ultimate latex mattress that suits your needs, you may be speculating: what’s the next step? Well, logically thinking, after choosing an adequate latex mattress one should probably consider what kind of base is suitable for this specific type of mattress. In this article you’ll find some guidelines that could assist you in making the right decision when buying a bed foundation.


There are several different types of bed bases to choose from, each with different properties. Be aware, however, that not all foundations are suitable for a latex mattress due to its unique qualities. The base should be strong and solid, and should be able to provide perfect support for the mattress.Below you can read about a selection of bed foundations listed with their characteristic features:


Slatted bed base

Possibly one of the best options is a slatted bed base. The base consists of horizontal slats that are arranged evenly along the bed frame. It is really important to note that the slats should not be more than about three inches wide, and maximum two and a half inches apart, otherwise the mattress will sink into the spaces between them.


If you would like to further improve the quality of the support provided by a slatted foundation, you can opt for a base with an adjustable slat system.This way you are able to change the level of springiness in order to achieve a softer, medium or firmer feel. This function helps the mattress provide even support for your body resulting in higher levels of comfort. Another reason why a slatted bed base goes well with a natural latex mattress is that the spaces between the slats offer excellent air flow allowing the mattress to breathe better.


Metal wire grid base

Another option to choose as a bed base is a steel grid platform. This type of foundation is highly durable and also has a practical design. Some types have convenient properties for example they are foldable and have storage space underneath. A wire grid platform offers substantial support for your mattress especially if the wires have narrow gaps between them. Ideally, a strong fabric is stretched across the surface of the grid in addition. In this way, the latex foam is prevented from sinking into the gaps between the wires over the long term.


Solid platform

Another possible alternative is using a solid bed base such as a platform made of plywood. Some people may be on a tight budget and can only consider this option. However, they should keep in mind that any mattress needs proper ventilation. For those who decide to take the risk and go with a solid base, it is suggested they use a product such as a slat conversion or a coir bed rug so as to promote air circulation.


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