What puts luxury into our luxury mattress
25 January 2019
5 min

Unlike ordinary mattresses, the luxury option offers you a much better sleep for a much longer time in many ways. Luxury means different things for everyone. We have summarised our take on it below.

Luxury is in the layers

Contrary to an ordinary mattress with 2-3 layers, at Milam we provide maximum comfort with 7 carefully designed mattress layers.

Luxury is in the materials

Our mattresses are made with the highest quality, completely natural materials with certifications (GOLS and GOTS) regarding maximum organic material content. Thanks to the high quality natural materials that we use, we do not need to add any harsh chemicals to the mattress therefore there is never any off-gassing.

Luxury is meant to last

An average mattress with a lower cost may feel perfect for a few months or even a year or two. After that, these mattresses normally start to break down. A completely natural latex and coir mattress, like Milam will last much longer than that, at least 10+ years. This is part of the return on the investment.

Luxury is not a bed in a box

We designed Milam mattress to last for much longer than an average mattress. As it is quite robust, it cannot be delivered as a bed in a box but as a normal mattress.

Luxury is about great support

With the superior orthopaedic support of natural latex and coir and its 7 zone design, the mattress conforms dynamically to the contour of your spine, relieving pressure and promoting good circulation.

Luxury is about comfort

The perfect firmness level is essential. Some of us prefer softer, while others would go for firmer mattresses. The Milam mattress has a dual-sided design that guarantees your comfort. You only need to pick a side.

Luxury is about cool sleep

At Milam, we want you to sleep perfectly. We use naturally breathable and moisture wicking materials in our mattresses so that you sleep perfectly… cool.


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