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20 August 2021
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Why choose a natural mattress protector


Do you use a mattress protector? If not, then probably the time has come to buy one. Your mattress needs protection from daily wear and tear, and to prevent any dust and other allergens from getting comfortable in your mattress. Natural mattress protectors are a safe choice - they provide you with a safe and hypoallergenic environment. Let’s dive into why it is so important to have a mattress protector at all, and why choose a natural mattress protector.



Why do you need a mattress protector at all?


You might be looking for the best mattress protector. But you’re still not sure why you need it exactly. It’s important to know that mattress protectors have plenty of advantages.


A mattress protector will keep your mattress in impeccable condition for a much longer time. For example, perspiration is something you cannot avoid - and as moisture gets into your foam, the life expectancy of your mattress will definitely shorten.


But perspiration is not the only reason for having a high-quality mattress topper. We wear makeup. There is oil on our skin. Not to mention the fact that we shed dead skin cells. If these particles get into your mattress, it’s almost impossible to get rid of them. And if we have mentioned dead skin cells, did you know that dust mites feed on them? Dust mite allergy is more and more common. They may cause runny nose, sneezing, even shortness of breath. But if you use a mattress protector, these dead skin cells won’t have the chance to get into your mattress. As a result, dust mites cannot settle in your foam either.


What kind of mattress protector is best?


Many associate mattress protectors with rubbery covers - something that we used to see in children’s beds. But times have changed and so has the market of mattress protectors.  Nowadays you can find extremely comfortable ones made of natural materials.


We know that many mattress protectors are still made of synthetic fabrics. Usually, it’s not the best choice for your health or the environment. For a non-toxic home and your health, you should choose a natural mattress protector which is made of materials like cotton or wool.


In our everyday life, we are surrounded by toxins and plastic everywhere. So whenever (and wherever) it is possible, we must eliminate these adverse materials from our lives. We spend around one-third of our lives sleeping, and our body tries to repair itself while sleeping. This precious process should not be done while inhaling toxins. That’s why it’s so important to spend our nights in a healthy environment - with a natural mattress, a natural pillow, and a natural mattress protector.


A high-quality natural mattress protector provides protection not only for you but for the planet as well. It is free from toxins and synthetic materials. This is something we are looking for, right?



Why you should choose a natural mattress protector


Now let’s go into more detail about natural mattress protectors and why it’s worth having them.


1. A natural mattress protector protects against dust mites


Dust mites can be found everywhere in your home - in your pillows, bedding, carpet. They are microscopic, you cannot see them. They do not bite but produce a type of protein that causes allergies when inhaled by people. Warm and humid environments are their most comfortable homes. They feed on dead skin cells. Many people are allergic to them, suffering from annoying symptoms (such as runny nose and sneezing) which can easily disrupt an otherwise relaxing sleep process.


A natural mattress protector provides a barrier to dust mites. Mattress protectors are also washable which helps remove dust mites from the surface.


2. It is a waterproof barrier against spills


Though we usually try to keep any kind of liquid as far as possible from our bed, it can happen to anyone to spill a glass of water on the bed or to have any kind of accident.


Unfortunately, wet mattresses provide a comfortable environment for mold and mildew growth which ultimately leads to unhealthy sleeping conditions.


Organic mattress protectors are waterproof. And this is a great benefit. If anything happens, you can easily clean it up without ruining your mattress. There will be no unpleasant odors, no stains left, and you don’t need to wait days until your mattress dries out. (Even then, the end result wouldn’t be perfect.)


3. A natural mattress protector provides a hypoallergenic sleeping environment


Organic cotton is a very popular hypoallergenic material without any pesticides or chemical residues. If you want to keep your sleeping environment as healthy as possible, it’s worth choosing a natural mattress protector.


4. No more oils and sweat will get into your mattress


You and your partner sleep in your bed. Your kids may come and sleep in your bed. And sometimes even your pets come and sleep with you. We all sweat, shed skin cells, leave oil or makeup residues in our bed. If you don’t have a high-quality mattress protector, all these factors result in a contaminated sleeping environment.


The solution here is a hypoallergenic, washable, natural mattress cover that will protect you and your family.



Best natural mattress protector: Milam - a breathable, waterproof, natural mattress protector


If you’re on the hunt for comfort and natural materials, and luxurious, organic sleep, Milam’s mattress protector may be a very good choice.


We offer a water-resistant, breathable, natural mattress protector, providing a comfortable night’s sleep with sustainable and natural materials. Our protector has a Neotherm layer, so the mattress protector acts as a barrier to moisture. It is a great way to protect your mattress.


You may choose from a variety of sizes because we know that it’s very important to find the right fitting for your mattress. Basically, it works like a fitted sheet. Our mattress protector is very thin so the original feel of your mattress will not change.


What materials do we use?


The top layer of the mattress protector is made of organic blended cotton which makes it breathable and very comfortable. The Neotherm layer makes it water-resistant and ensures your mattress is protected for longer. Thanks to this base layer, dust mites can’t reach your mattress.


Closing thoughts


Our ultimate goal is to protect our mattress from stains, odors, and dust mites so that the lifespan of our bed is prolonged. Having a natural mattress protector is a very good investment - it will lenghten the life of your mattress and give you a healthy sleeping environment. The cost of a natural mattress protector is tiny if we can use our mattress longer and ensure healthy conditions in our bedroom. All in all, it’s a very smart investment.


If we can help you with Milam Natural Mattress Protector, please contact us here.




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