Adhesives used in mattresses
16 August 2019
5 min

Many customers look for chemical free mattresses and ask us what adhesives we use in the Milam mattress.

Making a totally green, organic and sustainable, chemical free mattress is not an easy thing to do. You need to have eco-friendly materials that are properly certified, and then you need to assemble them. 

When you look at most mattresses - inner spring, memory foam etc., even latex mattresses (100% natural or blended latex),- almost all of them contain a formaldehyde type adhesive. These glues are volatile organic compound type glues that potentially can off gas fumes and vapours for years. Materials that contain VOCs are found to be irritating and carcinogenic. People who have allergies or eczema may be even more at risk developing symptoms when breathing in these fumes as they may be more sensitive to these kind of things.  

There are some companies that manufacture latex mattresses that don’t use any glue whatsoever. This could also be a solution to create a completely natural mattress. The issue with this is that the layers may not be aligned properly which means that the mattress may not have completely straight edges.  

At Milam, we opted for the Simalfa glue, a Swiss made, water based glue that is totally chemical free. It has a Greenguard Gold certificate to make sure it is safe and it doesn’t contain any harmful substances.

Anyhow, when purchasing any kind of mattress from anyone, always ask them about the glue they use.



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