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15 October 2021
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Differences Between Regular and Luxury Mattresses

Getting the best quality sleep is of vital importance to your health. A restful night’s sleep revitalizes your body and allows your mind to recharge, leaving you refreshed and alert for the day ahead. Without restful sleep, you cannot achieve optimal well-being. However, the right mattress will naturally promote better sleep. 

If you are looking for a new mattress, you may have come across some luxury mattresses. What are the differences between regular and luxury mattresses? Materials, breathability, and support are all important factors that help you differentiate between the two types.

We have put together a list to help you understand the differences between traditional mattresses and luxury mattresses - similar to the ones offered by Milam.

What makes a luxury mattress

If you’re looking for a new luxury mattress, we would like to help you find the perfect option. But first, it is crucial to understand what makes a luxury mattress and why it is worth investing in a high-quality premium bed instead of regular mattresses. 

We know and understand that a luxury mattress is not for everybody. When considering your investment, it’s important to see that a mattress does not only condition the quality of your sleep but your waking hours too. Think about how your nights influence your days. 

If you had a good night’s sleep, you wake up energized, relaxed, and ready to take the next day on. On the contrary, if you keep turning and tossing during the night and wake up exhausted with pain in your back or hip, you will not be able to concentrate and perform to your best during the day either.

Now that we have established these facts, let’s see what makes a luxury mattress. 



Luxury mattresses are carefully designed with durability, support, and value in mind. They are not necessarily the most expensive mattresses you find on the market. The main aim of a luxury mattress is to achieve a sleep experience that makes you feel supported, relaxed, and rested.

What makes a luxury mattress is usually the materials used to manufacture it. Please note that in most cases luxury mattresses are certified organic which means that the mattress has been produced without harmful chemicals. 

That being the case, the best luxury mattresses are made of natural materials that are comfortable and breathable, wicking moisture away from your body. Not only are natural materials hypoallergenic, these materials are also sustainable and biodegradable. 

Unlike traditional mattresses, luxury mattresses are adjusted to your needs. First, they are not going to lose their shape over time and they will outlast regular mattresses by 3-7 years. Second, a luxury mattress conforms to the contour of your body. Moreover, luxury mattresses are manufactured with the aim to relieve the pressure points while you are asleep since different parts of your body need different levels of support. This is something that traditional mattresses rarely achieve.

Last but not least, if you buy luxury products, you expect an excellent level of customer service too. At Milam, we do our best to ensure customer satisfaction by offering white glove delivery. 

The differences between regular and luxury mattresses 

On the whole, regular mattresses are mass products while luxury mattresses are often handmade items with long hours of work invested in them. They require more time and since the makers are in control of the different stages of the production,  the result is a higher standard of quality. 

Though luxury mattresses are pricier than regular mattresses, your investment pays off in the long term. A basic but affordable mattress may also provide a restful night’s sleep for a few years, but it will not stand the test of time. 

Thanks to their premium quality, luxury mattresses normally last more than 10 years. 

Let’s see what other differences you can recognize when choosing a luxury mattress instead of a regular mattress:

1. The choice of materials 

A luxury mattress starts with quality materials. You can easily identify a luxury mattress by the materials used in it. 

In a luxury mattress, only the highest quality materials are used. These include all-natural latex, organic wool, natural coir, organic cotton. Memory foam mattresses may have been a popular choice recently, but most consumers have realized that these mattresses are petroleum-based products. 

In our opinion, it is impossible to build a luxury mattress with low-quality or toxic materials since you will be in close contact with your mattress for long hours each day.

We know that more and more consumers care about the environment so it’s important to note that natural materials, like natural latex, are biodegradable. 

2. Breathability 

A further essential difference between luxury mattresses and regular mattresses is breathability. 

What do we mean by mattress breathability? It shows how well the materials allow air to circulate. Why is it important? When falling asleep, we create a warm and humid environment, and our mattress becomes exposed to this heat and moisture. 

If the mattress has been constructed in a way to allow airflow, it will allow a comfortable body temperature. So if somebody tends to feel too hot during the night, a high-quality mattress will prevent overheating. As a result, a breathable mattress creates a healthy and comfortable environment. 

In the case of luxury mattresses, since the material remains dry, the presence of allergens is also reduced. All in all, the aim is to make these mattresses as breathable as possible. 

What about regular mattresses? Most standard mattresses are made of chemical materials. Some of them may contain a small amount of natural material but overall, they are considered synthetic. Due to the lack of breathability, synthetic materials retain moisture. Trapped moisture contributes to the growth of mould, mildew, and dust mites. 

Besides, a breathable mattress does much more than ‘only’ providing a comfortable sleeping environment. In general, moisture leads to material degradation. Under bodyweight, heat, and humidity, non-breathable materials become vulnerable to external factors. Regular mattresses become uncomfortable and start sagging. 

To summarize, in the case of synthetic materials moisture has a damaging effect on mattress longevity. On the contrary, luxury mattresses are made of natural materials that do not retain vapour due to their breathable quality. 



3. The best luxury mattresses are produced by hand

Real luxury mattresses are made by hand.

Buying handmade luxury mattresses has many advantages. They retain their shape better and provide more efficient back support in the long run. 

During the whole process, they pay great attention to every detail on your mattress. You get the great quality that will stay with you for many years to come. Remember, luxury is in the details. 

4. Support 

A true luxury mattress is designed to provide maximum support and comfort. 

Did you know that the right spinal alignment is key when choosing your next mattress? Support is one of the major factors that differentiate luxury mattresses from regular mattresses. Support means that the natural curve of the spine is maintained. As a result, your body keeps its natural position while you are asleep. 

Normal or low-quality mattresses often create more problems than they solve. The layers of low-standard mattresses sometimes don’t work together. As a result, you can’t get proper spinal alignment and you will experience a deep and uncomfortable sinking. When you use the wrong type of mattress, you can wake up stiff and sore.

On the contrary, luxury mattresses are designed to provide optimum support to your neck, back, and hips. 

5. Luxury mattresses don’t contain chemicals 

Most customers looking for new mattresses consider the immediate effects of a new mattress on their health and home environment. That’s why it’s so important whether your mattress is made of all-natural, organic materials or synthetic fabrics. 

Most standard mattresses are made of petroleum-based chemicals that give off toxic fumes for a long period of time. Some of them may offer comfort but they may lead to adverse health effects in the long run. 

Another disadvantage of synthetic materials is that they break down quickly so you will need to invest in a new mattress soon.

If you want better quality, you also need to pay more. The best natural materials that make a luxury mattress are pricier. But remember that they also require a more expensive manufacturing process, and you can sleep in a healthy environment for much longer - it is something you simply cannot achieve with a regular mattress. 

Natural latex - The best luxury mattress 



In our opinion, the best luxury mattress comes in the form of natural latex. 

Natural latex is derived from the sap of a rubber tree. It is all-natural, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and sustainable. It’s also famous for its durability - it can last for a very long time.

With a natural latex mattress, you get firm yet flexible support, and the mattress conforms to the contour of your spine. Many people with joint pains have reported pain relief after sleeping on a natural latex mattress.

Most of the regular mattresses transfer motion from one side to the other which ends in disturbing your partner's sleep. But one of the biggest advantages of natural latex is that it isolates motion. The occasional tossing and turning is barely noticeable by the other person. This is due to the natural elasticity of latex which absorbs the impact. 

Additionally, all-natural latex mattresses are antifungal, antibacterial, mildew resistant, and also resistant to dust mites. These luxury mattresses have great structures that allow air to flow between the layers. As a result, this type of mattress is breathable and does not retain moisture.

You might know by now that conventional mattresses can be luxury resorts for dust mites. They feed on skin scales and they love warm, humid environments, as we have mentioned above. They love everything a regular mattress can offer.

However, natural latex is dust mite resistant ensuring less irritation.

As you can see, natural latex offers everything that makes a luxury mattress. Milam offers these types of all-natural, organic latex mattresses that are made in the UK. You may check our Original and Premium mattresses here.

Closing thoughts

Of course luxury, just like comfort, is subjective. Everyone has their own interpretation of a luxury mattress. 

However, it is guaranteed that with a high-quality luxury mattress you will get better sleep, breathability, pain relief, durability, and non-toxic materials. 

You will see the differences between regular and luxury mattresses right away, you just have to try them. Luxury mattresses tend to be much more comfortable than regular mattresses.

Remember that sleep is recovery for the human body. So make sure that you spend your nights on a comfortable, healthy surface. 


Your journey towards naturally perfect sleep 

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