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12 March 2019
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Dunlop latex mattress vs Talalay latex mattress - What is the difference between Talalay latex and Dunlop latex


Which is the best type of latex mattress? Dunlop latex or Talalay latex What is the difference between Talalay latex and Dunlop latex? Is one better than the other? The answer mainly depends on your needs. They are both outstanding mattress types, but they have some differences when it comes to their characteristics. Whether you choose Talalay or Dunlop, you will be pleased with the quality. In this article, we will go through the main qualities and manufacturing processes of these two latex mattress types to help you choose what is best for you.

What is the difference between Talalay and Dunlop latex?

There are many latex mattresses sold online and in-store as well. As a result, it might be difficult to choose the right mattress that provides maximum comfort. There are synthetic, blended, and 100% organic latex mattresses available on the market. If you are looking for superb quality, you need to go for pure, all-natural mattresses.

Both Dunlop and Talalay are natural latex foams. But what is the difference between Talalay and Dunlop latex? The difference between Talalay and Dunlop foams is the way they are produced. They are the two main processes used to create latex foam. The material, to begin with, is the same. Both use latex which is a natural material. It is manufactured from the sap of rubber trees.

Latex mattresses are becoming very popular because they have great benefits. They might be more expensive than memory foam or innerspring mattresses, but at the same time they are extremely durable, provide exceptional pressure relief, are hypoallergenic, and due to their open-cell structure, their temperature is regulated. As a result, a cooler and comfortable sleep is guaranteed. In the long term, it’s a great investment for your health and comfort. In order to enjoy all the benefits, it’s worth choosing an all-natural latex mattress.

So the terms of Talalay and Dunlop come from the manufacturing process used to make these mattress types. The process of making Dunlop mattresses is shorter and simpler. As a result, Dunlop mattresses tend to be slightly cheaper than Talalay mattresses. Talalay mattresses may be a bit softer and made of less dense materials. Some manufacturers use both materials in their mattresses.

It is important to note that there is a lot of information on the differences between these two processes, but in most cases, they are exaggerated and used as retailers’ and manufacturers’ selling points.

And now let’s go into more details about Dunlop latex mattresses and Talalay latex mattresses.



Dunlop latex mattress

Dunlop is the original latex production that was developed in 1929. What is the process of making dunlop latex mattresses?

  • A circular cut is made in the tree

  • The white fluid that is similar to milk, dribbles into a cup

  • The liquid is then collected and poured into a mold

  • The liquid latex mixture settles which results in the Dunlop latex being denser at the bottom and softer on the top

  • The material is then moved to a vulcanization oven where it is baked

  • After it has been baked, the latex foam is removed from the mold, and it is washed to remove any impurities

  • The washing process allows the foam to maintain its elasticity

  • Then the foam is dried to remove all the moisture from the mattress


The advantages of Dunlop latex mattresses

Dunlop latex mattresses are extremely long-lasting, so you don’t need to invest in a new mattress (or other accessories) too often. Whether it’s about mattresses, mattress covers, or pillows, you will get durable materials. They tend to be slightly cheaper than Talalay mattresses.



Talalay latex mattress

How is the Talalay latex mattress made? First of all, Talalay process is a newer form of latex production. The process of creating Talalay latex mattresses is also longer.

How does the process differ from the Dunlop latex process?

  • During the production, the liquid latex is poured into the mold, just like in the case of Dunlop latex process. However, the mold is filled only to a certain extent

  • The filled mold is then vacuum-sealed which allows the latex to expand

  • After this the material is frozen quickly – this process pushes carbon dioxide through the latex. The material is then heated

  • Finally, the Talalay latex mattress is removed from the mold, it is washed and dried

As a result of aeration, the Talalay latex mattress is less dense than the Dunlop latex mattress and its density is consistent throughout the whole mattress. It may have a softer and bouncier texture, but the level of softness may change.

The advantages of Talalay latex mattresses

Talalay latex mattresses are usually softer and more buoyant. The main advantage of Talalay is that it is more breathable than Dunlop latex and relieves pressure points better.

Is Talalay foam always softer than Dunlop?

They say that Talalay mattresses are always softer than Dunlop mattresses. That’s not necessarily true. Both Talalay and Dunlop latex foam can be produced in a wide variety of firmness. The Dunlop process does create heavier, denser foam but this does not always mean that the foam is firmer. Also, the feel of the mattress can depend on the manufacturer.



The main differences between Dunlop latex mattress and Talalay latex mattress

Now that we have checked the differences between the Dunlop latex and Talalay latex materials, let’s compare the different types of mattresses.

Cost: The difference in prices may not be that huge. Since the Dunlop process is usually less expensive, it tends to be cheaper than Talalay mattresses.

Durability: Both latex mattresses are extremely durable.

Feel: Since a Dunlop latex mattress is usually denser and firmer, they often use it for the core support of the mattress. Talalay latex mattresses might be a bit softer, but again it depends on the manufacturers. Both types of mattresses can be produced in a variety of firmness levels. 

Sustainability: Latex mattresses, in general, are considered to be sustainable products. They are very durable and all-natural latex mattresses are biodegradable. Since Talalay latex foams are produced with two extra steps, they might be considered slightly less sustainable. But it’s important to note that in general, the production of natural latex mattresses is more sustainable than the manufacturing other types of mattresses.

All in all, we can say that there are three main differences between Talalay and Dunlop latex mattresses:

  • The production of Dunlop foam is slightly more energy efficient

  • Dunlop latex foams tend to be firmer and denser than Talalay latex mattresses

  • Talalay latex has a plush, more buoyant feel, and the result is usually a slightly softer mattress


Dunlop foam or Talalay foam?

Both processes can result in very high-quality, comfortable, and durable latex mattresses. The point is rather to always pay attention to the overall quality of the mattress and the reviews of the manufacturer.

There is no big difference between Dunlop and Talalay mattresses

The number one difference between the two types of latex is that the Talalay process has two extra steps, and it usually results in a slightly softer foam.

In both cases, they foam the liquid latex and pour it into the mold. While in the Dunlop process they fill the mold up, in the Talalay process it is only partially filled, so that after sealing the lid of the mold, the latex can be expanded by vacuum to fill the mold. Once the latex has fully expanded, the mold is frozen. By pushing carbon dioxide through the latex, the latex will gel. After that, the temperature is raised to 110ºC as it is with the Dunlop process to vulcanize the latex. Finally, the foam is removed from the mold and gets thoroughly washed.

It is essential to note that not all Talalay and not all Dunlop foams feel the same. As with all products, many factors influence and determine the quality of the final product. Each of them can be made with or without synthetic latex and with or without added fillers. Techniques may also differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Though there is no big difference between Talalay and Dunlop latex mattresses, changes in the above-mentioned aspects may have a noticeable difference in the end result.

Why we sell Dunlop foam

At Milam, we sell Dunlop as well as Talalay foams.

The Milam Original Mattress is made of Dunlop latex foam. Our Dunlop mattresses are two-sided: one side is medium-firm, the other is medium. You can pick the side that suits your needs better. The overall mattress is slightly firmer than our Premium Mattress made of Talalay latex. So if you prefer a firmer night’s sleep, it’s the perfect choice for you.

Why we sell Talalay foam

Our Premium Mattresses are made of Talalay latex. It is softer and more durable than regular Dunlop latex. It helps relieve pressure points 10 times better. In order to maximise your comfort, we have combined two comfort levels into the Milam Premium Mattress. The plush side contours to your body, while the medium side is a bit firmer and it’s perfect for back and stomach sleepers for a night of natural and pressure-free sleep. You just need to choose the side that you prefer.

At Milam Mattress, we put great emphasis on environmentally conscious solutions. And when it comes to the environment, the production of both Dunlop mattresses and Talalay mattresses is more energy efficient. As we have mentioned earlier, there are 2 extra steps in the making of Talalay mattresses. However, latex mattresses in general are more sustainable than other foam types (for example, memory foam) - regardless of the manufacturing process. Only sustainable sources are used in both processes, and since latex mattresses are more durable, they mean less pressure on the environment in the long term.

Apart from this, our customers’ health is very important to us. As a result, we only sell natural latex mattresses and the production of both Dunlop latex and Talalay latex makes this possible.

However, this is ultimately a personal choice. It’s important to pick the type of mattress which suits your preferences best. So at Milam Mattress, you may try your foam for 30 days. If you are not happy with it for any reason, you will receive a full refund. You may check our original mattress or premium mattress.

Our number one goal is (and always will be) to create all-natural, top quality mattresses which serve our customers the best way possible.





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