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28 November 2021
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Shopping for a latex mattress? 7 questions you need to ask

Are you shopping for a new latex mattress?

Natural latex has been a preferred material for mattresses for quite some time now because they offer many comfort and health benefits.

Buying a latex mattress can be tricky, especially if you don’t know what to look for in a quality foam. We know that buying a new mattress can be a challenging journey, and we would like you to have all the information before making your decision. Hence, in this article, you will find all the important questions you need to address before purchasing your new mattress.

1. Shopping for a latex mattress: What is the composition of the latex mattress? 

Latex mattresses can be natural or synthetic. 100% natural latex mattresses are made from the sap of a rubber tree, using eco-friendly methods. On the contrary, synthetic latex is created using petroleum products. Synthetic latex mattresses are not eco-friendly, and they can’t truly replicate all the great benefits a natural latex mattress has to offer.

Natural latex mattresses are hypoallergenic and breathable thanks to their open-cell structure that allows air to circulate. Natural latex mattresses contain little to no additives. Thanks to their natural elasticity, your spine, neck, and back are continuously supported.

On the other hand, customer satisfaction ratings drop significantly in the case of synthetic latex. Since they are created from chemicals, they tend to off-gas – it means that they release all these unhealthy synthetic substances. Though synthetic latex mattresses are a lot cheaper, they are probably not the best investment decisions because their comfort level and durability cannot catch up with the quality of natural latex mattresses.

Apart from this, there is one more thing to keep in mind – some manufacturers blend natural latex and synthetic latex. Blended mattresses are often labeled as natural foam. Though the price might seem to be attractive, make sure that the mattress contains 100% natural latex. This is the only way to purchase a healthy and stable mattress that can serve you for 20 years if you take good care of the foam.

At Milam, you only find natural latex mattresses. In our opinion, our customers deserve the best and the most healthy and comfortable mattresses are made of natural latex.



2. Shopping for a latex mattress: What certifications does the mattress have?

When you shop for a natural latex mattress, you can come across many certifications and labels, so you want to be prepared.

Which certifications are the most important?

First, it’s important to check or ask if your mattress is GOLS certified. GOLS stands for Global Organic Latex Standard. To obtain a GOLS certification, a mattress needs to contain at least 95% organic raw material.

It also certifies that the rubber trees were grown without the use of pesticides, and it also verifies that the mattress is free of synthetic additives. 

Why 95% instead of 100%? It might be surprising but 100% natural latex mattresses simply don’t exist. All manufacturers need to use foaming agents, curing agents, or fillers.

At Milam, all our mattresses are GOLS certified so you will find at least 95% natural latex in our products.

You also want to check the so-called GOTS certification which stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. It doesn’t apply to the mattress directly; it means that the textiles used in the mattress contain a minimum of 95% certified organic fibres.

3. Shopping for a latex mattress: Can I buy the latex mattress online? 

Of course, buying a mattress online has never been easier. It’s not necessary anymore to try a mattress in the shop.

If you have a busy life, buying a mattress online is the perfect solution.

Many think that you need to try your mattress in a showroom before saying yes to it. However, when shopping for a mattress, people normally spend a minute or two trying out their new foam.

If you buy your mattress online, reputable manufacturers offer a so-called trial period. You can try your mattress in your home environment for 30 days. If you think that the chosen mattress is not the best option for you, you can get a full refund.

In a store, your time is limited, and many customers feel pressured by the salesman. Once you have paid for your mattress, you realize that you have forgotten to ask all those important questions regarding the filling, or the most suitable bed base. Those 2 minutes in the mattress store are way too short to get the right experience. If you realize that you have picked the wrong type of mattress, usually you need to arrange for the return of the mattress yourself, and you may also need to pay the necessary fees.

On the contrary, if you decide to purchase your mattress online, you have all the time in the world to check the most important information concerning your mattress. You have time to think through what firmness level suits you best, based on your sleeping position.

Just one more thing. In order to enjoy all the benefits, including trial periods or white glove delivery, we recommend you buy your mattress directly from the manufacturer.

4. Shopping for a latex mattress: What are the disadvantages of latex mattresses?

There are many unanswered questions about latex mattresses. Their popularity and benefits are unquestionable so many people may wonder if latex mattresses have any disadvantages.

Some customers find that latex mattresses are too firm when they initially purchase their bed. It’s important to note that most mattresses tend to be firmer in the beginning and you probably need a couple of weeks to break it in. Though latex mattresses are rather firm, the ultimate firmness level depends on the manufacturer. Just like any other mattress, you may buy it in a variety of firmness levels.

Latex mattresses are quite heavy, so it’s something you must be prepared for. It might be difficult to move it, mainly if the owner needs to do it alone. This is a minor complaint but still an important piece of information. The good news is that natural latex mattresses don’t need to be lifted or rotated as often as other types of mattresses, for example, innerspring beds.


5. Shopping for a latex mattress: What is the firmness level of the mattress? Are there other options? 

When you shop for your next mattress, it’s important to know its firmness level.

Remember that mattress firmness levels are subjective and mainly depend on individual preferences. You need to choose the firmness level based on your sleeping position and other health conditions.

If you prefer to sleep on your side, medium or soft mattresses are perfect for you. If you choose a firmer mattress as a side sleeper, you will probably feel quite uncomfortable because there would be too much pressure on your hips and shoulders.

If you prefer to sleep on your back or stomach, you will feel quite comfortable on a firmer mattress. In that case, your weight is evenly distributed, and a firmer mattress will keep your spine in a neutral position. As a result, you can avoid pressure accumulating in a single area of your body.

What if you suffer from back pain? If you feel that your neck or back is stiff after waking up, a firmer mattress should be the ideal choice. The main point is that your spine cannot drop.

Remember that the right mattress firmness level mainly depends on your individual needs, so it might be a good idea to consult with your doctor.

The find the right firmness level, you need to take your weight into consideration.

Normally, if you put more weight on your mattress, it will sink deeper. So a soft mattress will not provide too much support. However, appropriate support is something heavier sleepers need. Therefore, the best type of mattress for heavy sleepers is medium firm or firm foam.

If you are looking for a natural latex mattress to relieve your pressure points and get a comfortable night’s sleep, you will get all the great features with Milam’s Original and Premium mattresses. These non-toxic, natural latex mattresses are available in different firmness levels. So, whether you prefer soft or firm surfaces, you will find the right mattress for your body type and sleeping position.

6. Shopping for a latex mattress: What is the cover made of? 

This is an important detail when choosing your new mattress.

The mattress cover is a comfort layer, preventing you from sleeping directly on the mattress surface. They provide a soft and comfortable feel.

The best mattress covers are made of organic cotton. They allow breathability and provide a nice comfort. Non-organic cotton is treated with chemicals, and you definitely don’t want to spend a third of your day in such an environment. Make sure that you ask the manufacturer about the material of the mattress cover.



7. Shopping for a latex mattress: Are fire retardants used in the mattress? 

The best feature of natural latex mattresses is that they provide a healthy, non-toxic environment. Non-toxic mattresses are free of harmful substances, such as chemical fire retardants. Since every mattress is required to meet safety standards to prevent or slow down the growth of the fire, natural latex mattresses also need a fire barrier.

You should choose a latex mattress that uses wool as a fire retardant. It’s definitely a safer option for you and your family. Always check with the manufacturer how their mattresses meet the safety standards regarding fire so that you can be sure they don’t use any chemicals.

Closing thoughts

Natural latex mattresses are comfortable, durable, and provide excellent support. They provide a luxurious feeling for many years. If you want to make sure that you buy a truly non-toxic, natural latex mattress, always check the manufacturer’s information regarding the above important questions.   

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