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19 November 2021
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Do firm mattresses soften up over time?

Choosing a mattress that is right for you is an important decision. To get an ideal quality of sleep, you need the right mattress materials as well as the right firmness level. When mattresses are brand new, they tend to be too firm for comfort. But do firm mattresses soften up over time? The answer is yes.

We have created this article to provide more information on the benefits of firm mattresses and whether or not you have to worry about the fact that mattresses become softer over time. 

Benefits of a firm mattress

Contrary to many rumours, a firm mattress is more comfortable in general. Since they provide an even and stable surface, it’s the perfect choice for back sleepers.

Having a firm mattress can have various benefits to your body. They provide sufficient support for your lower back, so with a firm mattress, this area is not going to ‘collapse’ which gives room for more oxygen intake while you are asleep. Instead of letting one area of your body keep all the pressure, the body weight is distributed evenly. 

Sleeping on a firm surface means less stress on muscles, veins, and arteries. Since your body is evenly placed, a firm mattress improves your blood circulation.

If you prefer to sleep on your back or stomach, you will find firm mattresses extremely comfortable. Your weight is evenly distributed so firm mattresses provide pressure point relief.



Is your mattress too firm?

If you have just switched from a softer to a firmer mattress, your foam may feel uncomfortable in the beginning. Of course, as you get used to the new type of surface, this feeling of discomfort slowly goes away.

However, if you find that your mattress is overly firm and you can’t get used to it, you might experience some symptoms.

A mattress that is too firm for body type or sleeping position, may put too much strain on your pressure points. Some people find that their body is too tense while they are asleep, and due to this, they experience back, muscle, or neck pain.

With a mattress, that is too firm, your spine and your overall body is not able to decompress. Since it’s too hard to find a comfortable position, you may toss and turn during the night. The overall result is poor quality sleep.

There are many signs indicating that your mattress is too firm:

1. You’re not comfortable enough to fall asleep at night

If you keep on tossing and turning in bed at night, probably the mattress is not right for you. Due to pressure build-up, your body can’t relax and fall asleep.

2. You wake up feeling pain and numbness

If you sleep on your side, that part of your body doesn’t get the necessary cushioning from a firm mattress.

If your mattress is too firm for your sleeping position or weight, pressure may build up in your body causing pain. This pressure is also responsible for having a dead arm or tingly foot – this is why you wake up feeling numb.

3. You wake up feeling tired

Due to a too firm mattress, the quality of your sleep may deteriorate over time. Though you can fall asleep at night, since your body is not able to fully relax, you will feel tired when you wake up in the morning.

Should you choose a soft mattress?

If you prefer to sleep on your side, you will be more comfortable on a softer mattress because a softer surface will ease the pressure on your shoulders and hips.

Soft mattresses have some drawbacks as well. Though many find them comfortable, in the long run, they can cause back pain. If you share your bed with your partner, one of you may sink in too deep into the mattress, creating an unbalanced sleeping surface.

Memory foam mattresses have been around for many years now. If you like the feeling of sinking into your mattress, then you will find memory foam mattresses ideal for a good night’s sleep. This type of mattress adjusts to your weight as well as your sleeping position. However, these types of mattresses have their drawback as well. There are many complaints of lack of support, and they tend to be too hot for many people.

Apart from that, finding a mattress that suits both partners is a tricky task.

You may want to check Milam’s mattresses where, upon request, you can order two mattress cores under one partner cover, so you can turn your mattress individually.

Can you soften a mattress that is too firm? Do firm mattresses soften up over time?

You may soften a firm mattress to some extent. First, check your mattress base. A mattress base may influence how firm your mattress feels. If you have a poor-quality base, even the greatest mattresses are prevented from providing their vast benefits.  

If your mattress is new, you probably have to break it in. It means that the mattress needs to be used a few times before it becomes totally comfortable for you. Before deciding to return your mattress, give it a try and sleep on it for a couple of weeks.

It usually takes 30-60 days to break in a firm mattress. After this time, the mattress will feel softer, but the difference is not radical.

Finding the right firmness level is very challenging. However, natural latex mattresses have everything you need for a restful night’s sleep. They are healthy, comfortable, and all-natural. They come in all firmness levels. If you want to know more about Dunlop and Talalay latex mattresses, you may read our article here. 



When should you get a new mattress?

An average mattress has a lifespan of 8-10 years. However, high-quality mattresses, such as natural latex mattresses can last as long as 20 years.

Once your mattress becomes too uncomfortable to sleep on, the time has come to shop for another one. However, you can definitely enjoy your mattress for a longer period of time if you take very good care of it.

How to buy the right mattress? h2

You can buy your mattress online without any problems. Online stores allow you to test your mattress for a month. If you think that the purchased mattress is not comfortable for you, you can return it and get a refund. But just to be sure, always check the terms and conditions of the manufacturer.

Are latex mattresses comfortable over the long term?

We highly recommend sleeping on a natural latex mattress if you want a mattress that supports your body and keeps you cool during the night.

Though many say that latex mattresses are too firm to provide comfortable sleep, it’s important to note that this is an overgeneralized statement. The ultimate firmness level of a mattress depends on the manufacturer, and natural latex mattresses – just like any other type of mattresses – can be made in a wide variety of firmness.

All natural latex mattresses are safe and environmentally friendly, they don’t contain harsh chemicals. They provide incredible pressure point relief, and they are not just supportive but also incredibly comfortable.

In fact, comfort is one of the most significant benefits of natural latex mattresses, and they keep this great feature over the long term. The level of comfort they offer can be hardly replicated with other types of mattresses.

They don’t just contour to the body, but natural latex mattresses bounce back as soon as the body weight lifts off.

Since all materials will fatigue over time, even latex will soften as the years go by. Natural latex softens around 15% over a 10-year time which shows its incredible durability. Please note that memory foam mattresses tend to soften 30%.

Remember that if you take really good care of your mattress, a natural latex bed can last as long as 20 years.



What makes Milam mattresses different?

If you are looking for a 100% natural latex mattress, you get all the great features with Milam’s Original and Premium mattresses. The mattresses are available in different firmness levels which is good news because they accommodate your needs and preferences. Whether you like a firm or soft mattress, you will find the ideal one.

Milam’s mattresses are made of natural latex with organic cotton and wool covers offering white glove delivery and a 30-day trial period.

Not only are Milam mattresses made with premium, natural materials, but the latex is also 100% natural. The mattresses are wrapped into a GOTS certified organic wool and cotton cover. You can sleep comfortably without being exposed to any harmful chemicals.

You may choose from two types of mattresses:

The Original Milam Mattress

  • Materials: GOLS certified organic Dunlop latex, natural coir, GOTS certified organic cotton, GOTS certified organic merino wool, a small amount of graphite latex to comply with the fire regulations in the United Kingdom

The Original Mattress is flippable. This unique feature gives you two comfort options with one side being medium, the other medium-firm. If you find that one of the sides is too firm or too soft, you just turn the mattress over and enjoy the comfort and support of the other side.

The Premium Milam Mattress

  • Materials: GOLS certified Dunlop latex, 100% Talalay latex, GOTS certified organic cotton, GOTS certified organic merino wool

Talalay latex is used in the Premium Mattress which is a more luxurious material. If you have the budget and want exceptional quality of sleep, this is the perfect mattress for your needs.

Not only does the Premium Milam latex mattress offer pressure-free support and superior buoyancy and softness, but it’s also incredibly durable.

This mattress is also flippable with one side being soft, the other soft-medium.

In addition to superior quality mattresses, Milam offers free white glove delivery.

Closing thoughts

A firm mattress will eventually get softer as time goes by. Don’t be afraid of mattresses that are too firm, especially if you have just changed your soft mattress. They have great benefits, and your body can get used to them relatively quickly. Remember that comfort levels and preferences vary from individual to individual.

If you purchase a new mattress and find it too uncomfortable, you have the option to choose a different type.

If you are looking for a 100% natural latex mattress to relieve your pressure points, you get all the great features with Milam’s Original and Premium mattresses. The mattresses are available in different firmness levels. So, whether you prefer soft or firm surfaces, you will find the right mattress for your body type and sleeping position.



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